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This book was SO CLOSE to being 5 stars and having the potential to being up there in the ranks with my all-time favorite books. This is still the case for the first 2 parts of the story, but part 3 lost me in several bits, which probably explains why reading the last 200 pages was quite a drag. I eventually really enjoyed the very last part of the book, but I somehow had to get there. Still, 4.5 stars and a strong recommendation if you are into modern sci-fi that is very much connected to our current world and society.

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Blade Runner
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Die Geschichte beschäftigt sich mal wieder mit der interessanten Frage, wo in Zukunft noch der Unterschied zwischen Mensch und Maschine liegen wird. Irgendwie schafft der Text es, relativ knapp eine bedrückende Welt zu beschreiben - nuklear verseucht, und von Müll und nur noch wenig Leben bestimmt. Klassische Science Fiction, die mir gefällt.

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I, Robot
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How do we make AI safe, how do we create robots that are positive and empowering companions for humanity? Asimov proposes his three famous laws of robotics, but uses this book to explore the potential shortcomings of any such moral framework. I was surprised to find his stories be applicable to many current discussions regarding ethics and morale of the AI to come. This was the first by Asimov that I've read. It won't be the last.

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Brave New World
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Finally managed to enjoy this classic. Huxley draws an interesting picture of our society's future. Enslaved by our own desire for eternal happiness and the society's need for stability and productivity. That does sound quite convincing. Between that world and the one described by Orwell, it makes you wonder if we're already somewhere in between those two.

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Life, the Universe and Everything
 240 Seiten

Yet another one from the "trilogy in five books". The plot is definitely getting weaker than in the ones before, yet Adam's writing is still as good, I suppose. Still, I wouldn't have expected that before, but I'm kind of fed up with his writing for now. I guess that's just because I've read him too much in too short of time. So before I get back to continuing the series, I'll grab some other authors first.

The Time Machine
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I've started reading through some of the classics you can get for free for your Kindle. Till then I never knew The Time Machine was such a short book, perfect for some casual 2 day reading.

This is a simple yet exciting adventure story that draws an image of the possible future where our society could be heading. Also, it's hard not to like a story where the main character is a classy fellow who travels through time in gentleman's clothes from the 19th century.