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The Sense of an Ending
 160 Seiten
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A story about growing up, growing old, and trying to remember how it was back then before having grown up. Very well written, and asking some interesting questions.

The first few pages take us back to a British boys' school in the 60s. In history lessons, the main character and his friends argue about how to understand responsibility in retrospect.

"But of course, my desire to ascribe responsibility might be more a reflection of my own cast of mind than a fair analysis of what happened."

While reading, you pass over these thoughts and just accept them as anecdotal glimpses into the thought process of the characters.

Having finished the book, I now ask myself if I shouldn't apply the same principle to the narration itself: The account is given by one character, he tries to tell the reader a version of truth that he himself isn't quite sure of. When he has reached his final conclusion, how can I be sure there isn't another - a truer version - of the story, that I would have to decipher myself? Now imagine you tell your own life's story to yourself when you're old: How to decipher your life - your truth - then?

I am not really sure if I have understood the ending completely, yet. But I'm pretty certain I find this book brilliant. And all of that in just 160 short pages.

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