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The Princess Bride
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I'm not going to compare the movie and the book but the book has more Inigo and Fezzik so I think I love the book a tad bit more.

I read most of the book in one day but the first two chapters took me a few days to read so I think the start was a bit slow, that is one of the few things the movie handled better I guess. The humor is always there even at the most dramatic moments, however so is a touch of bittersweetness. Also the frame narrative was handled in the best way I can imagine!

Backbone Flute: Selected Poetry
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"Gentle souls!
You play your love on the violin.
The crude ones play it on the drums violently.
But can you turn yourselves inside out, like me and become just two lips entirely?"

I really loved this short collection; the poems read like someone's not so well-hidden diary. There's a certain cry, but for what, the reader never learns and with each poem or stanza one other option is eliminated until you are left with only the cry.

I don't speak Russian so I don't know how accurate the translation was, but it was alive and raw, and I'd like to think Mayakovsky's poetry is just the same in Russian as well, alive and raw.

We Hunt the Flame
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Loved and adored the world, the characters and the writing!!

I just couldn't find the love between Nasir and Zafira very convincing and thought that the foreign terms could've been used more effectively. Can't wait to read the second book!!

Wide Sargasso Sea
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So different from what I was expecting. Beautifully written.
It starts a bit slow and the narrative is hard to get into but then it draws you in with the setting that's almost alive and the way we always read the characters' thoughts.

It is almost impossible to not feel sympathy for <u>Bertha</u> Antoinette as today's readers.