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It's On Me
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This book has helped me in a moment of lack of perceived meaning in my life. It can be helpful to a person having a "personality" crisis/"mid-life" crisis.

I started reading this book in October 2023 and I actively took a bit longer on it as I wanted to reflect more on concepts and reflections that the book brought me.

It re-sparkled a love for philosophy in me.

I liked how she wrote about concepts of Existential Psychology. There is lots of criticism one can do to this psychological approach, as there is an elitist touch to it.

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Greenlights are to represent moments when we have a "go" in life. In this book, Matthew McConaughey tells us about the green, yellow and red lights in his life.

I was impressed to find out about what he went through, from early years and family dynamics to later years filled with self-discovery trips and moments. That he is happily married to a Brazilian makes it a tad more interesting to me. 🇧🇷💙

I appreciated this book very much and found it entertaining and with a pleasant writing style, taking me only a couple of days to finish it.

I also liked the illustrations and photos present in so many pages! Quite beautifully put together.

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Favourite book in a long time. It reminded me of my early 20s years, it healed some of those memories and it was entertaining through it all.

My first novel since around 4 years as I never had the patience to read through one anymore, but this one hit differently. I liked the writing style, the pace and that the story happens in London.