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The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck
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Overall some very valid points, about modern views on life and definitely things that I personally needed to hear. Giving less thought to things that don’t really matter in life and rather focusing on those that do is an important message, that everybody might benefit from hearing.

Nonetheless the book might as well have been half as long, and the lengthy, mostly pretentious anecdotes are somewhat repetitive. Above it all the quality of writing never exceeds that of a blogpost and phrasing (possibly on purpose) is kept very basic. The overuse of “giving a fuck” in all it’s declinations is a major turn-off for me here, and taints the entire experience. I get it, the author is a tough boy old enough to use the word “fuck”. Now get your mouth out of the gutter, man.

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Schaurige Einblicke in die Welt des Donald Trump. Chaos und Angst beherrschen das Klima im Weißen Haus und beim Lesen macht sich immer wieder das Gefühl von Politthriller-Romand breit. Sich daran zu erinnern, dass die Erzählungen aber der Realität entstammen ist furchtbar.