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The Complete Chronicles of Narnia
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Contains SPOILERS I guess :) I only wrote something about the end.

Yesterday I finished The Chronicles of Narnia and wow I never expected it to end like that. I’m so sad that the Pevensies died in this railway crash thing. I thought they’d grow old and even tell their grandchildren about their adventures in Narnia. But it’s sweet that they are all united in the end. With Polly and Digory and Jill and Eustace and all their dead friends from Narnia. But I have so many questions! Like what happened to Susan? I never liked her but it’s so sad that she wasn’t a ‘friend of Narnia’ anymore but somehow it saved her life because she wasn’t at the wrong place at the wrong time and is still alive, right? I wonder what’ll happen to her when she dies. Will she see Narnia again? And I want to know why the ‘old’ Narnia died. Was it because not many people believed in Aslan anymore? Or was it just the time?

My favourite stories were The Silver Chair, The Horse and His Boy and The Voyage of the Dawn Treader. I was a bit bored by The Magician's Nephew though.